Thank You


We wanted to take a moment to thank some of our friends that have been such a big help to us recently. We recently worked with to create a label for the plant pots we give away. The team there was amazing to work with and they did a fantastic job! We highly recommend that you check them out for all your sticker and label designs.

We also want to thank OneGreenWorld for their generous donation of a Desert King fig, and some lovely Tristar strawberry starts! We had ordered some new varieties of yacón to trial this year, and some other Andean tubers we hadn’t grown yet. We’ll be giving away the strawberries this spring, and will grow the fig on for a year or two, then start work on rooting cuttings to give away!

We also want to mention that it is now possible to donate your used vehicle to Solidarity Seed Initiative, here is a link to our donation website. is a really great organization, they helped us set up our account, and we accepted our first two vehicle donations near the end of last year. It’s a very simple process, just go to our donation page, fill in your information, and will work with you to schedule a pickup of your unwanted vehicles. This is fully tax deductible, and you car does not even have to be in running order, our donations from last year both had to be towed away.

Thank you to all of our supporters, hope you have a great spring gardening season!